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matthew labarge & larkenlyre
Please join my mail list for very occasional announcements regarding releases or performances. I'm a firm opponent of unsolicited email, and will not ever share the addresses on this list.
I've made sheet music for all of the recorded pieces that I've scored available for download. Have a look!
Spiriti front cover

Spiriti, my newest album of solo piano music- listen or order here.

Haunting themes appear many times in different contexts as a spiritual journey unfolds.

This is my most intimate and my most personal album to date.

More info about albums here.

Omnia front cover

Omnia, the newest Larkenlyre (mostly electronic) album- listen or order here.

It’s a deeply atmospheric work, marrying harmonic interests of slow 20th century romantic symphonic writing with modern ambient music and a bit of art rock of the early 70s.

It features spectacular guitar work from Chrys Bocast, whose Through the Airlock album is a primary influence.

The final track is solo piano.

More info about albums here.

Outside Inside front cover

I had the opportunity to do some mix work on Wells Hanley's upcoming album, Outside Inside. It quickly became my absolute favorite piano album.

For years I've loved everything Wells has done, but this is the album I've been waiting for. It is a rare gem.

Off My Lawn front cover

Old Man Kelly is a charismatic band leader and a writer of classic timeless Americana songs. See this guy in any of his many musical combinations.

I'll sometimes play in his band The Streetsweepers, and I had the opportunity to play honkytonk music on his recent release, Off My Lawn. Just some guys playing in a basement- crazy good fun and homegrown independent music at it's finest.

Numbers League game screenshot

Numbers League is a fantastic math game invented by my friends Ben Crenshaw and Chris Pallace.

I wrote the software and the music for the iPad app adaptation. How fun did it turn out, you ask? Very fun!

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